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Phone: +64 021 442 758

If we are unable to immediately answer your enquiry, we will respond within 24 hrs.

Please provide your phone, email and location as the best way to gain confidence in this unique farm vehicle is to drive it on your spread. Drive it over rough terrain, drive through waterways and tow your loaded trailer, you’ll be astonished with its power, stability, economic running and low maintenance.

*We will bring the test vehicle to you with no obligation on your part.

It will do everything a quad bike will do – and more- but safer, easier and less costly.

Don’t shie away from electric – it’s the future, it’clean, it’s powerful and it’s safe. Hose it down after use, plug it in and within 6 hours it’s all set for tomorrow with 60 heavy terrain kilometres of power.

*(Date and location considerations apply)