RAT Barrow is a newly released Australian invention designed to improve material handling around the home and small farm.

R A T stands for Ride on, Articulated, Tipping Barrow. Its patent applied design is a world first giving the user a safe and stable ride with incredible maneuverability, with loads up to 200kg.

Alternative Engines

    • Petrol – The standard RAT Barrow is powered by a key start 8.75 Professional Series Briggs and Stratton engine coupled with a Tuff Torq Hydro static transmission. This is a reliable low maintenance drive train.
      A large 7lt fuel tank reduces the need for regular refueling, and a transparent fuel gauge window allows the operator to see fuel levels at all times.
    • Electric – The New Zealand model is now available with a cost effective, and low maintenance electric powered alternative.
      It is smooth running and powerful.
      You just plug it into your standard power supply overnight and you have well over a days use from the fully charged Lithium battery.

Your RAT Barrow will handle all the elements and last a life time. Its frame  is fully galvanised. Its tub and guards are UV stabilised poly and its fittings are stainless steel.

RAT Barrow’s biggest feature is its simplicity.

      • The engine option – electric or petrol
      • The single variable speed pedal for forward and reverse makes operation a breeze.
      • RATLOGTipping large loads is made easy by the balanced load, free tip design. Taking lawn clippings, horse manure or garden pruning’s from A to B has never been easier. The RAT Barrow has no problem with heavier loads such as fire wood, soil or sand and feed bags can be transported and or tipped with ease. A sturdy tow hitch at the rear enables a RAT Barrow designed trailer to be attached which also tips, doubling carrying capacity.

Dimensions: 98cm (38 inches) wide – 2.3m (7.5 ft) long
Engine: Lithium LiFePo4 battery powered electric motor
– or- Powered by a key start Briggs and Stratton engine
Transmission: Easy driving with Tuff Torq K47 hydrostatic transmission
Chasis: Galvanised steel frame
Load Capacity: Carry up to 200kg (440 pounds)
Gross vehicle mass: 400kg (880 pounds)
Top speed: 10kph (6mph)
Turn radius: 3.5m
Tub: Polyethylene 150 ltrs (40 gallons), balanced pivot.
Incline capability: Up-to 15 degrees

Awards (apply to petrol motor model)
Winner of the Commonwealth Bank Innovation in Agricultural award at Farmworld 2014.
Winner of the 2013 Bendigo Inventor Awards for Agricultural and Environmental Sustainability.