Switch EV Global (SEVG) is a bespoke design and manufacturing company specialising in electric propulsion systems.

Based in Warkworth, New Zealand and SEVG supply electric vehicle (EV) products and services backed by world renowned Kiwi design ingenuity. SEVG have specifically developed highly efficient electric motors and ancillary componentry for electric vehicle propulsion. All SEVG products are designed and manufactured to the highest standard backed by our warranty.

Research identified a need for safer, economically powered and convenient vehicles for the agricultural industry.

The first vehicle the e3 ATV was introduced at the Agricultural Fielday at Mystery Creek in June 2014. It is fully electric powered, can supply 240v AC power at remote sites to drive other tools etc. , has swop-out battery packs and recharges overnight in under 4 hours.

If you are considering a safe highly efficient ATV or electric propulsion for other vehicles, SEVG can help.